Munich Creative Business Week


What's the next big thing in lighting and luminaires? How do engineering and innovation come together? And how does the new come into being in first place? An exciting ride on May 14, 2023 with Dr. Florian Ilchmann, Ambright and Bernhard Dessecker.

Munich Creative Business Week

Probably the most inspiring way of transportation imaginable.

Dr. Oliver Herwig

The DESIGNBUS is the invention of the multiple award-winning tech publicist and design lecturer Dr. Oliver Herwig, who has been conducting live talks with personalities from the fields of creativity and technology for eight years - in the traveling DESIGNBUS through Munich, in front of a travelling audience. In this way, he connects exciting stories and insights from the creative world with equally exciting places in Munich that match these stories. This great format is also part of the munich creative business week, which took place the last weeks.

Bernhard Dessecker

Bernhard Dessecker has almost 40 years of professional experience as a lighting planner, designer and interior architect. He began his professional career in 1983 in New York and was Ingo Maurer's right hand since 1984, contributing many of his own designs to the collection. In recent years he has moved more and more towards light art and light objects, collaborating with galleries in the US and Europe. Most recently he realized designs for companies such as BMW, MOOOI and the GOETHE INSTITUT.

Dr. Florian Ilchmann

Dr.-Ing. Florian Ilchmann founded Ambright GmbH in Munich in 2009. The technology company develops semiconductor-based lighting systems and was a finalist for the German Innovation Award in 2022. The claim "We print light!" shows a completely new approach that enables mass customization in lighting in an unprecedented way.

„Technology like our printed-light is first and foremost an enabler. It enables the design and development of goods that bring joy and benefit to people.“

Ambright founder and CEO Dr. Florian Ilchmann had the honor of answering Dr. Oliver Herwig's questions together with Bernhard Dessecker, a former designer at Ingo Maurer GmbH, and describing his very personal journey from an engineer to a technology and inspiration supplier for the design industry.

The great thing is that Dr. Oliver Herwig is not concerned with pure success stories, but always with illuminating personal drive, passions, turning points and backgrounds. And about the question of what actually constitutes good design. In this way, the DESIGNBUS is also a journey through the personal universe of the discussion guests.

Thanks to the #DESIGNBUS, Dr. Oliver Herwig, and the interested audience!

Photography: Erol Gurian & Marian Wilhelm