MasterSeries № 01 PARIS

Purism, clarity, elegance and multidimensional luminous art - a filigree statement.

Welcome to the fascinating world of PARIS, the new SparkShape pendant luminaire of the MasterSeries - a revolutionary fusion of elegance, minimalism and timeless beauty.

»PARIS deliberately takes the archetype of a traditional pendant luminaire and transfers it to the technological present.« Simon Busse

A first-class experience.

Immerse yourself in a superior experience that captivates the senses with clean lines and minimalist design. This stunning lamp is not only a masterpiece of light, but also its own iconic tribute to the majestic shape of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. he ingeniously designed addition of Ambright's signature, only 6mm flat layers of light makes it shine like a modern sculpture, transforming your space into a realm of transcendence.

Discover the true meaning of style and functionality when the homogeneous illuminated edges fill their surroundings with a touch of magic. Be inspired by a straightforwardness that will captivate you.

PARIS is not just a luminaire - it is a statement.

A synthesis of Far Eastern aesthetics and Western design that gives an incomparable sense of sophistication. Dare to step into the future of design with your personal light sculpture in sizes S, M and L, each available in the exquisite colors "champagne" and "gentle dark".

Thanks to the mate coated aluminum surface with a velvety feel, this luminaire gets a very special touch and exudes a special sense of value. The gentle visual appeal lends a sensual elegance that capture every glance and transform any space into an oasis of style. With intuitive Casambi Bluetooth technology, you can control the three light components separately from each other to create a uniquely personalized atmosphere.

Transform your interiors into true works of art and enjoy the freedom that limitless lighting options offer. Make a statement of style and taste with this pendant luminaire - the epitome of timeless beauty and perfection of form.

Welcome to a new era of lighting design - welcome to PARIS!





The challenge with high-quality technology products is to design the packaging in such a way that unpacking becomes an experience, but the ecological footprint remains minimal. The arrangement and presentation of the components and accessories contribute to this, as does the materials used themselves.

Here you can see the luminaire in size M with a gentle dark surface.

Size comparison

The MasterSeries № 01 PARIS is available in different sizes 250mm, 400mm & 600mm.

Colors & surfaces


gentle dark

Variable installation

The power supply can be mounted discretely so that the weightless design of the luminaire is preserved. For suspended ceilings, we can invisibly power your SparkShape. All that is needed is the specially developed ceiling fixture, as well as a luminaire power supply unit, which, together with the current-carrying suspensions, enables the luminaire to be supplied unseen.

Concealed mounting via a cavity cover is also possible. Alternatively, we offer a canopy for mounting the power supply on a raw ceiling.

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Mounting guideline