Welcome to the future of light


About Ambright

Ambright is a lighting technology company based in Munich, Germany.

After making a name for ourselves with high-end electronics and lighting solutions for industry, especially in the healthcare, mobility and retail sectors, we have taken the possibilities of lighting design to a whole new level with our patented light printing process. Did someone say "revolution?" Pretty much sums it up.

With our flagship product SparkShape, we are a technology partner to architects, designers and lighting planners, with whom we are working together to push the boundaries of lighting design. Individual lighting solutions in the premium sector. German engineering at its best.

Our DNA: Perfectionism meets Innovation

Our values: Trust. Straightforwardness. Courage to make the impossible possible


German Engineering - Ambright is at its core a technology supplier with a powerful innovation engine. Always a step ahead of the times through pioneering spirit, technological competence and a broad network of research collaborations.

What we have built up over 13 years of expertise and trust in the industry as a technology partner of Siemens Healthineers, we now make available for architecture and design in the form of our patented lighting technology. We stand for validated technology made in Germany, proven by numerous awards, patents and certifications, delivered to the most demanding industries ever.

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Behind the SparkShapes


Technology to make great ideas happen

In the beginning, we had an idea and believed in it. Today, we print light. Patented, unique. 

With that, we first had a process: at the beginning, there is always an individual idea or creation of our customers, which we implement with our technology. This excited so many that we made a product out of it: The SparkShape. As a one-off. Or in series. And that is just one application of the platform technology. Welcome to the future of light.