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LightSketch is the first design tool for the lighting market that digitally accompanies the design process.

Sketch your shape in a CAD program of your choice. Import the geometries, which you then design with light sources. Get inspired by the creative designs in our shape library.




Sculptural or subtle, geometric or organic, as a recognizable pattern or freely distributed - any two-dimensional shape and arrangement of light sources is possible. You design and get all the information about your design in real time, such as dimensions, light distribution, lumens, color rendering, power, cost and delivery time.

Designs come true

With our printed-light technology, we have the lighting tool for the digital age. We combine new forms of lighting design applications and customized series production in a single process.

The result? A radically new understanding of light: Unique. Digital. Scalable.


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Discover the new dimensions of designing light and luminaires with our patented light printing.

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