Casambi Awards 2022

We are kicking off the awards season and are pleased to announce that our SparkShapes have made it to the shortlist of the prestigious Casambi Awards 2022 as one of six finalists.

In any case, we think it's hard to describe SparkShapes better than Casambi Technologies does:

»Ambright’s patented “printed-light” process makes it possible to manufacture singular tailor-made luminaires to a high-end standard. It combines individual handcraft with the economic conditions of large-scale production.«

And how does the award jury justify its nomination?

»The SparkShape brings even greater opportunity to lighting designers and interior designers working in the commercial sector. By using clever lighting control, these opportunities appear endless.«

We can sign it like that. The winner of the Casambi Awards 2022 will be announced in the next few weeks. We are curious!
Shortlisted Entries for Product Category - Casambi Awards 2022 - Casambi